“Noragami” Stage Play Adaptation Slated for January 2016

The official website for a stage play adaptation of Adachitoka’s fantasy action manga Noragami opens today, announcing its main cast. It is scheduled to be performed eight times at AiiA 2.5 Theater Tokyo from January 28 to 31 in 2016. 43-year-old Naohiro Ise, who previously worked on stage adaptations of Peacemaker Kurogane, Working!!, Brother Conflict, and Mirage of Blaze, attaches to write and direct the play based on an original story. 


Announced main cast:


 Yato: Hiroki Suzuki (Kazuma Kendate/Kamen Rider Blade in Kamen Rider Decade)

 Yukine: Keisuke Ueda (Sangaku Manami in Yowamushi Pedal stage play)

 Kazuma: Takuma Wada (Kunimitsu Tezuka in The Prince of Tennis Musical)

 Hiyori Iki: Kasumi Hasegawa

 Bishamonten: Ayaka Ando

 Kofuku: Minami Itohara

 Daikouku: Yuuki Tomotsune





Source: “Noragami” stage play official website via: “Naragami” TV anime official Twitter


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