Nitro+ Artist Illustrates Countdown To “Thunderbolt” Spinoff

Taiwanese puppet co-production Thunderbolt Fantasy returns in Sword of Life and Death, a Shā Wú Shēng, the Screaming Phoenix Killer (CV Nobuyuki Hiyama) focused story partially based on the Thunderbolt Fantasy Gaiden novel and partially a new story by Gen Urobochi. It opened this weekend for a two-week theatrical run, and to hype it, the artists at Nitro+, who also did character designs for the series, presented countdown pics. 


This included Shinov Mimori, Uiro Yamada, namaniku ATK (of Chaika fame), Tsuji Santa (of Super Sonico fame) and Satoru Minamoto (of Touken Ranbu fame)




And, an alternative set…




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