“Nioh” Heads to Osaka Castle with July 25’s ‘Defiant Honor’ DLC

Team Ninja hopped on the PlayStation Blog to unload a bunch of details for the next Nioh DLC. “Defiant Honor” is due out on July 25, and it’ll be available to download from the PlayStation Store for $9.99, or free if you have a season pass.


The meat of this DLC is the Sengoku era’s most formidable fortress, Osaka Castle. Tensions between the Tokugawa and Toyotomi clans are brewing, giving the DLC the chance to feature legendary warrior Sanada Yukimura. Meanwhile, William rolls in with Date Masamune in pursuit of Maria, which takes them straight toward Yukimura’s newly-constructed Sanada Maru stronghold. 



In addition to the Osaka Castle showdown, “Defiant Honor” introduces the new Tonfa weapon, new armor, new magic items, guardian spirits, and new Yokai enemies. There will also be new difficulty levels and trophies to look forward to along with the stages and sub-missions. 




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