Nicopedia Outsources Articles on Virtual YouTubers


It would be something of an understatement to say that virtual YouTubers have gotten popular recently. Kizuna Ai is just the tip of the iceberg, with companies and indie creators alike getting their face-rig on and creating cute anime girls to play video games and interact with their viewers. In fact, the scene has gotten so big that Nico Nico is actually rewarding its users for helping to keep their database updated.


Nicopedia Outsources Articles on Virtual YouTubers


From now until May 7, Nico Nico users can earn rewards for fleshing out Nicopedia, the website’s reference section, with articles about virtual YouTubers. Prizes include goods related to some of the virtual personalities, as well as gift cards.


To enter, users can either create an entry for an undocumented virtual YouTuber, or improve an existing article. Each entry must be submitted via a form included on the campaign website. There is no limit to how many “entries” a user may submit. Extra prizes will be added at the 300, 500, and 1,000 entry mark. Winners will be drawn after May 7.


At present, Nicopedia has 119 separate articles on Virtual YouTubers… so there’s still a ways to go. And considering the speed at which these new personalities are popping up, they may well still be playing catch-up after this!


>> Nicopedia “Virtual YouTuber 1000” Campaign





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