Niconico Stares Into Your Soul with a 52 Hour Shoebill Livestream


In a cute new collaboration between Kemono Friends and Chiba Zoological Park, Niconico’s Kongetsu no Ikimono (“This Month’s Living Things”) program will be hosting a 54 hour livestream marathon focusing on the park’s majestic shoebill population. The live stream will air on Niconico from 10:00 AM JST on September 23 until 4:00PM JST on September 25, 2017.



In addition to serving up a livestream with more shoebill than any one person can handle, Chiba Zoological Park will also be hosting a special live talk event where voice actresses from Kemono Friends visit the park to learn all about their animal friends.



This event runs from 2:00 PM JST – 3:00 PM JST on September 25, 2017. Kana Motomiya (the voice of Fennec), Saki Ono (the voice of Raccoon), Ikuko Chikuta (the voice of Hululu, the Humboldt Penguin), and Misae Komori (the voice of Shoebill) are scheduled to attend as guests.





Source: Anime! Anime!


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