Next “Legend of Zelda” Game to Have a Twist on the Open World Idea

The Legend of Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma recently spoke to IGN, letting loose an interesting tease about the new entry that’s coming to Wii U next year. According to Aonuma, the team took some Skyward Sword feedback to heart, and has a twist planned in regards to the new game’s open world.


“We actually had some feedback from Skyward Sword, where people were saying, ‘This is not exactly the Zelda game I was looking for, I was looking for a bigger open world’.” In response to that, Aonuma said, “Unfortunately, I can’t go into details but I’m hoping to put a surprise, or kind of twist, on my view of an open world game. I hope that you’ll look forward to it.”


Aonuma went on to say that, while they can’t directly cater to all the feedback they get from fans, they do like to take some elements into consideration and think about how they can implement it in a surprising way. 


Source: IGN



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