New Vampire Princess Miyu Installment Makes Its Way to Print


1988 horror classic Vampire Princess Miyu returned with a new manga installment this year. And the continuing story of everyone’s favorite bloodsucking bishoujo is now in print, both in the most recent Champion RED and in its own first volume.


Vampire Princess Miyu Saku first became available on digital manga website Champion Cross. The online magazine is also currently publishing spinoffs of Wake Up, Girls!, Bakuon!!, Saint Seiya, and Grisaia: Phantom Trigger.

New Vampire Princess Miyu Installment Makes Its Way to Print


Volume 1 of the new series will be released in print tomorrow. Today, in the most recent print issue of Champion RED, readers got a taste of Vampire Princess Miyu Saku, featuring a scene between Miyu and an older person who claimed to have met her when the person was a child.


The new issue of Champion RED also has a Miyu clear file included as a bonus.


Champion Cross currently has up to Part 7 of Vampire Princess Miyu Saku available, with the next installment due on June 28.


>> Vampire Princess Miyu Saku on Champion Cross

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