New “Seiren” Cast Additions, Radio Show, and Goods as Premiere Approaches

Seiren, the upcoming anime series by Amagami SS creator Kisai Takayama, is preparing to roll out the promotional wagon in advance of its January premiere. A new cast member has been added, making three male characters now:



Tatsuya Araki, voiced by Takuya Eguchi (Julius Euclius in Re:ZERO), is an old friend of the main character’s with a vibrant personality and good looks that make him popular with girls.


Attendees of this month’s Comiket will be able to get their hands on some advance Seiren goods. The TBS Animation/Animaru! booth will be selling a B2-sized tapestry for 3,000 yen featuring all the main girls, while the T ZONE/MF booth will be selling a dakimakura cover featuring Hikaru Tsuneki for 9.000 yen.






And, last but not least, it has been announced that there will be a radio show airing online on December 26 featuring some of the voice cast. Ayane and Manami’s “SEIREN: Say You’re Cute” will feature voice actresses Ayane Sakura (Hikari Tsuneki) and Manami Numakura (Tomoe Kamita. The stream will be hosted here on the Onsen Internet Radio Station.




Seiren is set to premiere January 5, 2017.


Source: Mo-Ca News




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