New “Nanamaru Sanbatsu” Voice Actor Revealed in Twitter Quiz

In a style befitting an anime about high school quiz contestants, the Nanamaru Sanbatsu Twitter account recently ran an online quiz to see who could identify one of their lead voice actors. Over on the anime’s official site, a special video revealed the answer.




The actor behind the screen is Takuya Satou (Shokudaikiri Mitsutada in the Touken Ranbu browser game and anime) — he’ll be appearing as quiz club president Gakuto Sasajima. And he seems pretty excited to be in the role… he’s even showed up dressed as the character!


Nanamaru Sanbatsu (literally “7 O 3 X,” the format for quiz games) premieres this July, following a schoolboy named Shiki who discovers that he may well have an aptitude for quizzing.


Source: @7o3x_anime




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