New “ēlDLIVE” Promo Art Reveals Mystery Character

Manga artist Akira Amano, best known for Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, is taking OP shonen battles into the space age with ēlDLIVE… and things are going to be a little different from the manga.



In ēlDLIVE, a middle-school boy named Chuuta is chosen to become part of the space police, defending the Solar System from various criminals. He’s joined by his classmate Misuzu, as well as an alien named Dolugh who lives inside him and gives him the power to use a special power called Space Pheromones.


A quick scan of this layout reveals something interesting, though: a brand new character.



Nothing is known about him so far, except that he’ll be exclusive to the anime — and we’re apparently meant to be extremely excited about him.


All will likely become clear when ēlDLIVE premieres on January 8, 2017.


Source: Yonkou Productions




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