New Heroes Shine in Latest “Gundam: Twilight AXIS” PV

The ONA adaptation of the popular Gundam: Twilight AXIS light novel starts next month, and with the approaching release date comes a new PV. Have a look at heroes Arlette Armage, Danton Haireg, and the Newtype Quentin Fermo in this latest trailer.


Mobile Suit Gundam Twilight Axis PV2 by pKjd

The light novel takes place after Gundam Unicorn and was penned by Koujirou Nakamura, the scenario creator for Gundam manga series ZZ Side Story: Mirage of Zeon and Climax U.C.: Tsumugareshi Kizuna. The ONA cast features Risa Shimizu (Angelica, Show by Rock!!) as Arlette, Shuuhei Sakaguchi (Yuusuke Takinoue, Haikyuu!!) as Dalton, Toshiki Masuda (Kurusu, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress) as Quentin Fermo, and Daisuke Ono (Sebastian, Black Butler) as Mehmet Merka.


Gundam: Twilight AXIS premieres June 2017 exclusively for Gundam Fan Club members in Japan.


Thanks to our anonymous Crunchyroll user for the tip!

Source: pKjd




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