New Cast Members Join Edogawa Rampo-Base Gag Anime

Edogawa Rampo’s Boy Detectives Club series has been adapted and referenced in a variety of ways in Japanese entertainment. The upcoming Cho Shonen Tantei Dan NEO, or Ultra Boy Detectives Club NEO, will be turning the beloved mystery series into a gag anime.



Three new characters are joining the growing cast:


Neko Fujin, the wife of the evil Fiend with Twenty Faces, will be played by Kana Hanazawa (the title character in Black Rock Shooter, Mayuri in Steins;Gate).

Noro-chan, a surprisingly popular boy who appears to be an otaku, will be played by Misaki Kuno (Pearl Fey in the Ace Attorney anime, Serara in Log Horizon).

And Inoue-kun, a bold, adventure-loving big-brother type, will be played by Chad Horii.


The series will be premiering on January 2, 2017.


Source: Ota-Suke




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