New “Berserk” OST Cover Art Is Freakin’ Metal

For those of us who hear about Berserk and immediately think of the lyrics “Put your glasses on, nothing will be wrong,” things have changed in a big way. The new series soundtrack features a thrashing opening by 9mm Parabellum Bullet, as well as the return of Shiro Sagisu’s orchestral stylings. And a soundtrack like that needs an appropriately awesome cover.



The new art, just released on the anime’s official Twitter account, looks as thought it could be right at home for a heavy metal band. But this particular album contains the 2016 Berserk series OP and ED, as well as Susumu Hirasawa’s “Ash Crow” and the aforementioned Sagisu’s BGM.


The CD will sell for 1,800 yen excluding tax, and goes on sale November 30.


Source: @berserk_anime




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