New “Attack on Titan” Collaboration Cafe Opens in Tokyo Tomorrow

To promote the release of the upcoming compilation film based on the TV anime second season in January 2018, Kakusei no Houkou (Roar of Awakening), Tokyo-based company Charaum will open a new collaboration cafe with the Attack on Titan anime franchise at its Ikebukuro store in Tokyo tomorrow, December 5.


The time-limited collaboration cafe will offer the special dishes, drinks, and deserts inspired by the Attack on Titan characters till January 31, 2018, and its inside will be decorated with the anime posters and standees during the period. And customers will receive one of the 16-type character photocards for one order. Check out the collaboration menu list below. Which one would you like to taste?



-Eren’s Roast Beef Plate (1,180 yen)

-Mikasa’s Crab Tomato Cream Pasta (1,080 yen)

-Armin’s Clam Chowder (1.080 yen)

-Reiner’s Hard Bread Sand (980 yen)  



-Cut Off! Titan’s Omurice (1,080 yen)

-Mikasa’s Strawberry Chocolate Parfait (780 yen)

-Levi’s Cheesecake (780 yen)

-Erwin’s Crepe (780 yen)



-Eren’s Basement Cola (640 yen)

-Mikasa’s Mix Berry Tea (640 yen)

-Erwin’s Chocolate Banana Milk (640 yen)

-Riener&Bertolt’s Strong Warrior Ginger (640 yen)



-Levi’s Earl Grey ‘640 yen)

-Erwin’s Irish Coffee (640 yen)

-Hange’s Strange Orange (640 yen)            

-Character Latte (750 yen)



-Character Photocards (16 types)

-A4 Clear Files (8 types/400 yen)




-57mm Tin Badges (8 types/300 yen)

-Acryl Charms (8 types/500 yen)

-Acryl Stands (8 types/600 yen)




Source: Charaum press release


© Hajime Isayama, Kodansha/”Attack on Titan” Production Committee