New add-on: Unfinished HAUNTED TANK drawing by Sam Glanzman

As we try to raise the remaining $262 needed to hit our funding goal, I offer you the following unique, one-of-a-kind add-on.  Below you will see the ghost of 19th-century Confederate general J.E.B. Stuart sitting atop his (ghost) horse, floating above Lieutenant Jeb Stuart and company, with the M3 Stuart that Jeb commands.  This is a rough, unfinished drawing that Sam was doing, as he worked out a Haunted Tank commission.  Although it is unfinished, and has been folded in a few places, it’s still a nice keepsake for the right Sam Glanzman or HAUNTED TANK fan.  Size is 19″ x 9″.  Price is $50.  If you would like to add this to your pledge, please be the first person to contact me.  Thank you, and good luck!


Drew Ford