Netflix Schedules “Devilman Night” to Ring in New Series


Go Nagai reimagining Devilman Crybaby hits Netflix worldwide in just over a month. But a few lucky super-fans could get a chance to see it a few days early in a star-studded prescreening/talk show event.


Shibuya night club venue WOMB will be hosting “DEVILMAN NIGHT by NETFLIX,” an evening-long celebration of the new series. The night will kick off with a screening of the first episode, followed by a talk show event with series director Masaaki Yuasa and hip-hop artist Ken the 390.



For the second half of the evening, WOMB will transform into the terrifying party atmosphere of the original story’s “Black Sabbath.” Ken the 390 will join musical guests Takkyu Ishino (composer of the new series tune “MAN HUMAN”), Kensuke Ushio (series composer), actor and rapper Young Dais, beatboxer Afra, and DJ ☆Taku Takahashi.


Doors open at 10 pm on December 28 for the invite-only screening and talk show — fans can apply for tickets on the website. After the pre-screening event, the club will stay open for its hellish party until 4:30 am.


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