Nelke Planning’s Kemono Friends Stage Play Set to Return in November 2018

Nelke Planning announced today that a new stage play based on the Kemono Friends franchise, titled “Butai Kemono Friends 2 ~Yuki furu Yoru no Kemono-tachi” (Stage Play Kemono Friends 2 ~Animals in The Snowing Night) is set to be performed at Shinagawa Prince Hotel Club EX in Tokyo from November 8 to 18, 2018.



The first Kemono Friends stage play was performed at the same venue from June 14 to 18, 2017. After its

well-received sold-out first run, its rerun was held at AiiA 2.5 Theater Tokyo from January 13 to 21, 2018.

All of the TV anime voice cast members of its two main units, the three of Doubutsu Biscuits and the five

of PPP, portrayed their characters on the stage as well.


While no cast members of the second play are currently confirmed, the play’s official site suggests it will

tell a new story with new additional “Friends” characters. The first play’s Daiki Murakami (Cute High Earth

Defense Club Love! Katsugeki!) is again attached to write and direct. 



Highlights from the first play’s dress rehearsal (via: MAiDiGi TV)


DVD jacket


Photo taken after the first day performance on June 14, 2017.


Poster visual for the rerun

Nelke Planning's Kemono Friends Stage Play Set to Return in November 2018


Photo from the backstage of the rerun’s final day performance on January 21, 2018


Source: Nelke Planning


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