Negan’s Greatest F***ing Lines From The Walking Dead Comics

With a wit as sharp as a spear and vernacular as a colorful as a rainbow, Negan makes for one of the most compelling characters in The Walking Dead. Every time he opens his mouth he’s prone to deliver an epic line. Below we illustrated Negan’s complex personality through his best lines (chosen by fans like you). Enjoy, and keep the kids away from some of these.

Negan’s Euphoria

Negan’s Frustration

Negan’s Bravado

Negan’s Fear Tactics

Negan’s Foresight

Negan’s Strength

Negan’s Arrogance

Negan’s Glee

Negan’s Insults

Negan’s ‘Charm’

Negan’s Blood Lust

Negan’s Confidence

Negan’s Calm

Negan’s Analogies


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