Nanase Ohkawa To Return On New “CardCaptor Sakura” Anime

An early look at the February issue of shoujo magazine Nakayoshi, out in Japan December 28th, has revealed the new details for tnew Cardcaptor Sakura anime project. Coming in a January 2018 NHK broadcast, a TV anime will be adapting the Clear Card Chapter, a manga that revisits young magical girl Sakura Kinomoto in her junior-high years. Morio Asaka returns to direct Madhouse project. Cast is likewise returning. And, now isted is CLAMP’s Nanase Ohkawa, or Ageha Ohkawa as she changed her name to, then from..


Ohkawa wrote series composition for the 1998 CCS anime too, as well as Blood-C, Koboto, and  Magic Knights Rayeart.She scripted Chobits.



via pKjd

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