Nana Mizuki’s Latest 11th Album Ranks 2nd in Weekly Chart

According to the latest Oricon report, 35-year-old anime voice actress/singer Nana Mizuki‘s highly-anticipated 11th album “SMASHING ANTHEMS”, released on November 11, ranked 2nd in the weekly album sales chart selling 61,408 units in its first week. It couldn’t repeat the success of her previous album “SUPERNAL LIBERTY,” released in April 2014 and made a NO.1 debut.


Unfortunately for her, this week’s competitor was too strong. The top place winner, boys idol group Kanjani Eight (Johnny & Associates)’s 8th album “Kanjani Eight no Genki ga Deru CD!!” sold a massive 315,905 units. Still, she defeated “Made in the A.M.,” the 5th studio album by English-Irish pop boys group One Direction in the 3rd place with 42,323 units.   


The 15-song album includes her recent four single songs: 30th “Kindan no Resistance” (October 15, 2014), 31st “Eden” (January 14, 2015), 32nd “Angel Blossom” (April 22, 2015), and 33rd “Exterminate”

(July 22, 2015).




MV for the lead track “SUPER☆MAN” 



15-second CM for the album




First press limited edition with Blu-ray



First press limited edition with DVD

Nana Mizuki's Latest 11th Album Ranks 2nd in Weekly Chart



Regular edition

Nana Mizuki's Latest 11th Album Ranks 2nd in Weekly Chart



Song list:


 1.”Glorious Break” (Senki Zesshou Symphogear GX insert song)

 2. “Never Let Go”


 4. “Angel Blossom” (32nd single/Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid OP)

 5. “Lazy Syndrome”

 6. “Koiuta.”

 7. “Kindan no Resistance -Extended Mix-” (30th single/Cross Ange: Rondo of Angels and Dragons OP)

 8. “The NEW STAR”

 9. “Clutch!!”

 11. “Netsujou no Maria”

 12. “Ego Ideal”

 13. “Eden” (31st single/”animelo mix”TV-CM song)

 14. “Ambivalence”

 15. “Exterminate” (33rd single/Senki Zesshou Symphogear GX OP)




30th single “Kindan no Resistance” MV



31st single “Eden” short MV



32nd single “Angel Blossom” short MV



33rd single “Exterminate” short MV



Source: Oricon


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