MYTH & ROID’s “Overlord” Movie Music Video Theme Featured In Official AMV

This season, Overlord 2-part compilation film series hit theaters, with Naoyuki Itō helming the Madhouse produced adaptations of Kugane Maruyama and so-bin’s light novel series. The 1st part, The Undead King, opened February 2 and The Dark Warrior opened March 11 with MYTH&ROID and OxT back on the themes. MYTH&ROID’s “Crazy Scary Holy Fantasy” is featured in an official music video. 



MYTH & ROID’s first album, “eYe’s” is due April 26th.


In addition to new songs, it will feature:

  1. “LLL” (Overlord ED theme)
  2. “ANGER / ANGER” (BBK/BRNK) ED theme)
  3. “STYX HELIX” (Re:zer ED theme)
  4. “Paradisus-Paradoxum” (Re:Zero OP)
  5. “JINGO JUNGLE (Remix)”
  6. “Crazy Scary Holy Fantasy” (OVerlord movie theme)


The second week bonus for the new movie’s screening with a Pleiades Six Stars 4-panel gag manga booklet:


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