“Myriad Colors Phantom World” Previews Broadcast with Theatrical Screening & Talk Event


Although the official broadcast of the Myriad Colors Phantom World begins in January of 2016, fans of the series will get a preview of what’s to come thanks to a theatrical screening and cast talk event at the Marunouchi Piccadilly theater in Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan scheduled for December 24, 2015.



The event will feature a screening of the 1st episode of the TV series as well as live-talk with the director Tatsuya Ishihara and voice actors Hiro Shimono (who plays Haruhiko Ichijo), Sumire Uesaka (who plays Mai Kawakami), Saori Hayami (who plays Reina Izumi), Maaya Uchida (who plays Koito Minase), and Masaki Kuno (who plays Kurumi Kumamakura).


Tickets to the screening and talk event cost 1500 yen ($12.24 US). The event begins at 7:30 PM JST.



Myriad Colors Phantom World is a fantasy series based on the novel of the same name by Sōichirō Hatano in which people have developed the ability to see ghosts and spirits. The series features animation by Kyoto Animation. Myriad Colors Phantom World begins its broadcast in January of 2016 on ABC (Asahi Broadcasting), Tokyo MX, TV Aichi, and BS-11.






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