“My Hero Academia” Manga Vol. 14 to Arrive with “Training of the Dead” OVA

My Hero Academia fans will have no shortage of reading and viewing material to keep them busy as 2017 goes on. In addition to the mid-series OVA being released with Vol. 13 of the manga, June’s Vol. 14 will contain one of its own, titled Training of the Dead.

A few character designs by manga artist Kohei Horikoshi have been released. The OVA, which is being penned by Yōsuke Kuroda (series composition), will involve the students of Class 1-A teaming up for a special training exercise.

My Hero Academia Vol. 14 bundled with the Training of the Dead DVD will be up for preorder starting January 30 and ending April 3. The bundle will also include two new cards — one each for the Heroes Battle and Tag card games. Altogether, the bundle will cost 3,400 yen.


The second season of My Hero Academia starts this April.


Source: Anime! Anime!




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