“My Hero Academia” Author Sketch Sketches Anime Debut Of Popular Villain

She’s her. Himiko Toga, #19 in the second Japanese character poll (the oen accompanied by the illustration that inspired the current ending) is set to make her anime premiere. The young villain, along with Dabi, will be making a cameo in this week’s My Hero Academia episode episode 18, “The Aftermath of Hero Killer: Stain.” Author Kōhei Horikoshi celebrates with a sketch. 






And from one of the animators



And end theme production art from Bones producer to celebrate aftermath of Stain story


 There’s also a look at the over art for the opening theme single, Amazarashi’s “Sora ni Utaeba”


There’s also a preview of next week’s episode, “Everyone’s Internships.” This includes Tsuyu’s anime-original encounter with nicely Lovecraftian and named looking Innsmouth (CV Anri Katsu) along with mentor Selkie (Tomokazu Seki) and his sidekick Sirius (CV Ami Koshimizu). 



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