Multiple “Akira” Game Boy Game Prototypes Unearthed

Back in October, video game advocate Patrick Scott Patterson posted a video in which he discovered prototype Game Boy cartridges containing an unreleased Akira game. If your BS meter is going off, that’s completely understandable, but at the very least we would have to give props to it for being an elaborate goof. The carts themselves were tested in the video, and Patterson eventually realized that each one was a slightly different build. 


Flash forward to December 10, when Patterson posted a video of the prototypes running on a Super Game Boy. He’s currently looking into all options as far as what to do next is concerned, and that includes plans to take segments of each build and combine them to make for a more playable public prototype. 


Here’s a sample of what he’s currently working with across the four carts: 


This unreleased Game Boy outing can now join the SNES/Genesis game in Cancelled Akira Game Hell. 


At least we have the Amiga and Famicom games to cherish…




Via Kotaku



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