“Most Handsome” Voice Actor Yuichiro Umehara Releases His First Photo Book

26-year-old Yuichiro Umehara (Arts Vision), often considered as one of the most “ikemen” (handsome) voice actors in the Japanese anime industry, has just released his first photo book “Meccha Ii Anbai.” (It Has Gone Very Well.) from Shufu no Tomosha. The 90-page book compiles his photo-centered serialization in the publisher’s Seiyu Grand Prix magazine started in May 2015 and also includes newly-shot photos taken in Shibamata, Tokyo, as well as never-released materials.  


Umehara made his professional voice actor debut in 2013 and his first major role was Wakasa in Orenchi no Furo Jijo in the following year. Since then, he has voiced many major characters, such as Hayato Kujo in Aquarion Logos (2015), Eugene Sevenstark in Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans (2015-2017), En Yufuin in Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! (2015-2016), and Teika Ichijoji in Magic-kyun Renaissance. In addition to Eugene, he is currently playing Takuma Fujii in Tiger Mask W and Shinpachi Nagakura in Chiruran: Nibun no Ichi in this winter 2017 season.



“Meccha Ii Anbai.” cover



Photos from the book


Source: Shufu no Tomo Infos press release