More Theaters will be Added to “No Game No Life -Zero-” Japanese Run

Thanks to its unexpected box office success, the official website for the anime adaptation project based on Yu Kamiyama’s fantasy light novel series No Game No Life has confirmed that the feature film No Game No Life -Zero- will be screened in more theaters across Japan from August 26 and the following weekends, in a total of 54 theaters.


The film based on the novel’s 6th volume “It Seems the Gamer Pair Challenged The World” was released in Japan on July 15. Despite its very limited release with only 61 theaters, it ranked a very good 7th place in its opening weekend, then 10th in its second.



Yu Kamiyama says on his official Twitter:

“I’m not entirely sure, but adding more theaters means that the film has been received really well, right?

Like a long-run. Thank you so much for watching the film (deeply).”


And from the weekend of August 26, the theatergoers will again receive a bonus book including a newly-written

novel and manga by the original author, which was originally distribitued only in the first week of release.



Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (Riku) and Yoko Hikasa (Corone Dora) at the stage greeting events in the fourth weekend.




Long version PV


Key visual 



Novel 6th volume “It Seems the Gamer Pair Challenged The World” cover



Source: “No Game No Life” anime official website, Twitter


© Yu Kamiyama, Kadokawa Corporation/No Game No Life Zero Production Committee