MONSTER GIRL DOCTOR (light novel), Vol. 3Story and art by:…

MONSTER GIRL DOCTOR (light novel), Vol. 3

Story and art by: Yoshino Origuchi and Z-ton
MSRP: $14.99
Release date: August 28, 2018


Sudden tragedy strikes Lindworm as the town’s beloved city council representative, Skadi, falls deathly ill. Assembling a team that consists of their old teacher Dr. Cthulhy, seductive arachne seamstress Arahnia, and a young cyclops girl, Glenn and Sapphee prepare to perform complex and dangerous surgery on the childlike dragon. However, the biggest obstacle they have to overcome might just be Skadi’s own unwillingness to be treated! Can Glenn handle his motley crew of assistants while also persuading Skadi that she deserves to live?

An all-new light novel series for fans of Monster Musume and Monster Girl Encyclopedia!