“Mobius Final Fantasy” Is Crossing Over With “Final Fantasy XV”

Mobius Final Fantasy players, rejoice! Square Enix has begun a special collaboration event between Mobius Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy XV, with the Final Fantasy XV Collaboration Event.


The event will last for 15 days, and players will find Noctis, Lunafreya, Prompto and a smattering of other Final Fantasy characters in the game, lending their powers to the Warrior of Light with ability cards. You’ll also find the Unbreakable Bonds: Final Fantasy XV Supreme card that grants the Royal Arms ability.


Players can summon one ability card each day at no cost, and there will be six different Final Fantasy XV stamps and ability cards to earn going forward. You can even get Cindy and the Regalia as login bonuses.


In addition to those changes, there whave been two new jobs added to the game: Berserker and Rogue, which offer various new abilities and other edges in fights. You can check all of these awesome new additions out until March 23.


[via Gematsu]


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