“Metal Gear Solid” Composer Brings You Serenity Now with New App

Metal Gear Solid composer Norihiko Hibino believes in the therapeutic applications of music in everyday life. That’s why he founded the Hibino Sound Therapy Lab, a group that brings together composers and musicians in an effort to create music for health and wellness applications. And the Lab’s latest app, Prescription for Serenity, promises to bring some calm into your life.



Prescription for Serenity features 11 albums’ worth of calming, beautiful music composed by Hibino himself and performed by a variety of talented musicians. The tracks feature chamber music, solo piano and harp, and music by Hibino and AYAKI’s jazz duo, GENTLE LOVE. 


The app is a follow-up to 2009’s Prescription for Sleep, which charted more than 450,000 downloads and was rated as one of the iTunes store’s top health apps. Serenity will also feature some tracks from Sleep.

Prescription for Serenity was created as part of a partnership between Hibino Sound Therapy Lab and Mission One, a software and localization company founded by video game veteran Marc Cellucci. Of the app, Cellucci says:


After the success of the first two Prescription for Sleep apps, and hearing comments from people who were helped by them, we decided to do something much grander in scope this time around–a full-fledged service offering hundreds of therapeutic songs all within one app. We are proud of what we accomplished, and hope that it helps give people the relaxation they deserve.”

A free trial of the app is available on both the iTunes Store and Google Play.


Source: HSTL.net




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