Mentalist Killer Returns in “Impossibility Defense” TV Drama


Impossibility Defense, a psychological thriller seinen manga written by Arata Miyatsuki and illustrated by Yuya Kanzaki about a mysterious assassin who murders his targets with the power of mind-control, is being adapted into a 4 part live-action TV drama series that will air on dTV in December of 2017.



Impossibility Defense (“Funohan” in Japanese) refers to a rare form of legal defense that is sometimes employed when the accused cannot be found guilty of a crime because the crime in question is physically impossible (such as murdering someone who is already dead).



Similar to the upcoming Impossibility Defense live-action movie, the TV series stars Tori Matsuzaka stars as Tadashi Usobuki, a ruthless contract killer who uses the power of suggestion to pick off his targets, and Erika Sawajiri as Tomoko Tada, the police investigator struggling to bring Usobuki to justice.



The original Impossibility Defense manga is serialized in Shueisha’s Grand Jump seinen manga magazine. Similar to the upcoming live-action film, the Impossibility Defense TV drama features Koji Shiraishi in the role of supervising director and Junpei Yamaoka in the role of screenwriter. Eisuke Naito serves as episode director for the TV series. The TV series will broadcast on Fridays on dTV beginning on December 22, 2017, while the movie will hit theaters in Japan on February 01, 2018. 


Source: Comic Natalie


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