Megahouse Releases ’80s Anime “Red Photon Zillion” Heroine Apple Figure

Japanese retailers today started accepting pre-orders for Megahouse’s third item from its “Heroine Memories” line, a pre-painted figure of Apple from Tatsunoko Production’s classic TV anime in the late 1980s, Akai Koudan Zillion/Red Photon Zillion for release in late December 2017. The first item from the line was Madoka Ayukawa from Kimagure Orange Road (September 2016 release), and the second was Anice Farm from Sonic Soldier Borgman (March 2017 release).


Akai Koudan Zillion/Red Photon Zillion was aired for 31 episodes from April to December 1987 in order to promote Sega Enterprises’ ray-gun toy series of the same name. Takayuki Goto (Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C. 2nd GIG, Kuroko’s basketball) served as the main character designer, which was his first, and purchasers at Bandai’s official online store Premium Bandai will also get a colored illustration paper of her newly drawn by him. The price for the 220mm-tall figure with her team White Nuts’ mascot robot Opa-Opa is 13,716 yen (about 124 US dollars).





“Red Photon Zillion” DVD/Blu-ray box illustration by Takayuki Goto




“Heroine Memories” Madoka Ayukawa (Kimagure Orange Road)



“Heroine Memories” Anice Farm (Sonic Soldier Borgman)


Source: Megahouse pres release


(C) Tatsunoko Production/NTV