Meet TV Anime “Love Kome” Rice Idol Boys in 1st PV

Soon after revealed in the special live-broadcasting program on Nico Nico Live last night, a 80-second first PV for Love Kome -We Love Rice-, the upcoming original TV anime series featuring five personifications of popular Japanese rice brands, was officially posted on YouTube and Nico Nico Douga. The anime’s official Twitter also confirmed that the song in the video “Roman Hikou,” a cover version of Japanese rock band Kome Kome Club‘s 1990 song, will be used as its theme song. 


The Yaoyoruzu (Kemono Friends)-planned anime series is set to premiere on Tokyo MX, Sun TV and Tochigi TV on April 5. The story is set in Inaho Academy that is planned to be closed down due to a lack of interest in eating rice among people. The five newly-enrolled boys decide to save it and to have everyone rediscover the value of rice by performing as an idol group “Love Rice” at “Harvest Show.” But there is a strong rival group called “Yeast King” at St. Pan High School, who are also trying to promote bread eating to people.



1st PV



Anime key visual



Main Voice Cast:


“Love Rice” members:

Hinohikari: Mark Ishii (Chrono Shindou in Cardfight!! Vanguard G)

Sasanishiki: Chiharu Sawashiro (Natsuki Ise in ALL OUT!!

Akitakomachi: Misae Komori (Hashibirokou in Kemono Friends)

Nikomaru: Nina Tamashiro

Hitomebore: Sousuke Souma (Arashi Narukami in Ensemble Stars!)


“Yeast King” members:

ANN: Junya Enoki (Shion Kiba in Cardfight!! Vanguard G)

CURRY: Yuuto Suzuki (Sakuya Watanuki in SERVAMP)

SHOCK: Genki Okawa (Makoto Oumi in Scared Rider Xechs)


Koshihikari: Kenjiro Tsuda (Seto Kaiba in Yu-Gi-Oh!)

Chinko Bouzu: Tomokazu Sugita (Gintoki Sakata in Gintama)

MorinoKuma-san: Mafia Kajita (Kagewani in Kagewani)



Main Staff:


 General Producer: Yoshitada Fukuhara (Tsubasa Entertainment)

 Original Story/Seirs Composition: Yuuki Takabayashi

 Character Design: Levin Aoi 

 Sub Character Design: NOB-C

 Anime Character Design: Tomoyo Sawada (Yuri!!! On ICE sub character designer)  

 Director: Takashi Horiuchi from Graphinica (Japan Animator Expo “Yamadeloid”) 

 Animation Producer: Kei Sadayama (Nikoyaka Shokudou)

 Sound Producer: Toru Nakano

 Sound Director: Kogane Fusa

 Music: Tsubasa Plus

 Planning: Yaoyorozu (Kemono Friends)

 Anime Production: Encourage Films (Etotama



Source: “Love Kome” official Twitter


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