Meet the First Victims of “King’s Game” in New Character Sheets


Things are rolling out ever since the announcement that cell phone novel King’s Game would be receiving an anime adaptation. We now have character sheets for the four main players of the deadly game, which requires participants to complete tasks within 24 hours or face “punishment.”


Nobuaki Kanazawa:

Natsuko Honda:

Kenta Akamatsu:

Riona Matsumoto:

Previously also adapted as a live-action film, King’s Game sees the members of a high school class being forced into a life-or-death game run by a mysterious entity known only as the King. Participants don’t have the option not to play, and failing to carry out a task (or, in some cases, carrying out the task successfully) can result in death.


The series is being animated by Seven, and begins airing this October.


Source: Ota-Suke




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