Meet The Cast of “Kamigami no Asobi” Stage Play Coming This Month

The official website and Twitter for the upcoming stage play adaptation of Broccoli’s popular otome game Kamigami no Asobi, titled “Kamigami no Asobi The Stage: Taiyou to Meifu no Kibou (Hope of The Sun and The Underworld),” have revealed its six main cast members in their character costumes.


The stage play directed by Chong Gwang song (Hell Girl stage play in 2016) is scheduled to be performed at the CBGK! Shibugeki theater in Tokyo nine times from August 16 to 20. Eigeki Live Entertainment, which has worked on many stage play adaptations based on popular anime series, including Hamatora, Lucky Star, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, and Saint Seiya, works on production.  


Apollon Agana Belea: Yakumo Yajima (Kosuke Sakurada in My Monster Secret stage play)


Hades Aidoneus: Wataru Shiokawa (Ganossa Maximillian in Silent Möbius stage play)


Thoth Caduceus: Shota Motokawa (Harukaze Kurobane in The Prince of Tennis Musical)


Dionysus Thyrsos: Eiichi Tanno (Lelouch Lamperouge in Code Geass stage play)


Yui Kusanagi: Yuuna Sekine (idol group Cheeky Parade member)


Zeus Keraunos: Sungrak Kim (Scar in The Lion King stage play)



Photos from the rehearsal





Poster visual



Source: “Kamigami no Asobi” stage play official website, Twitter


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