Meet Serval and Kaban Again in “Kemono Friends” x JRA 2nd Collaboration Video!

Following the first short video last month, the special website for the collaboration project “Uma no Friends” between Japan Racing Association (JRA) and the Kemono Friends franchise today posted a three-minute second video featuring new thoroughbred horse characters, and none other than Serval and Kaban!


In the video “Keibajou” (a racetrack for horses), the two on the Japari Bus driven by Lucky Beast/Boss visit the Tokyo Race Course and meet the thoroughbred horse Friend characters who live there. The clip is directed by the TV anime’s original director Tatsuki, and of course Yuka Ozaki (Serval) and Aya Uchida (Kaban) reprise their roles.


“Special Movie: Keibajou”


Voice Cast:

 Serval: Yuka Ozaki

 Kaban: Aya Uchida

 Kurige: Kanako Takatsuki

 Aokage: Houko Kuwashima

 Shiroge: Kaede Okutani

 Mirai: ???


Director Tatsuki says on his official Twitter today: “We were able to made this one, based on the original

world setting very freely…! The courses were so bright and wide, so I hope you can feel the atmosphere.”


He previously posted a visual of Shiroge on June 30



1st video “Teach me veterinarian! Commentary on thoroughbred horse by Mashita Onii-san”


Source: “Uma no Friends” special site


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