Meet Cute In “Fuuka” Anime Commercial

This winter, anime returns to the world Kouji Seo manga (Suzuka, A Town Where You Live) for an adaptation of his latest relationship drama/comedym Fuuka. Keizō Kusakawa (KanColle, Riddle Story of Devil, Unlimited Fafnir) is back at Studio Diomedéa to direct the TV seried debuting January 6th.


Get a look at the new commercial…



Crunchyroll describes the manga

New meetings always come suddenly! The protagonist, Yuu Haruna, moves into a new town where he meets a somewhat strange girl who doesn’t have a cell phone. The girl, Fuuka, seems to have a strange allure that draws people to her, very much like a summer breeze. Looks like Yuu has been caught up in one wild love story!


TV anime “Fuuka” premiere schedule in Japan:

 January 6: WOWOW (22:00-)

 January 7: MBS (25:58-), Tokyo MX (22:00-)

 January 8: Hiroshima TV (26:25-), BS11 (24:00-)


Director: Keizō Kusakawa
Series Composition: Akashiro Aoi (Konosuba scripts)
Character Design: Honda Yoshino
Music: Iga Takuro / West Ground


OP theme song “Climber’s High!” performed by 28-year-old voice actress Manami Numakura, who also voices Tama, the vocalist of rock band HEDGEHOGS in the show. The song is written by the manga author Seo himself, composed by Okinawa-born artist WEST GROUND, and arranged by SHO (MY FIRST STORY). It will be released as Numakura’s 2nd solo single on February 8, 2017.

Voice actress / singer Megumi Nakajima (Ranka Lee in Macross Frontier, Lyra in Fairy Tail) is resuming her musical career after a hiatus of nearly 3 years and also performing the ending theme, Watashi no Sekai” (“My World”), and similar to the opening theme for the series, the lyrics for the song are written by Seo himself.



Akitsuki Fuuka CV: Lynn


Hinashi Koyuki CV: Hayami Saori

Haruna Yuu CV: Kobayashi Yuusuke

Sara Iwami CV: Komatsu Mikaku


Mikasa Makoto CV: Saitou Soma

Nachi Kazuya CV: Okitsu Kazuyuki

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