“Medabots Classics” Promo Gets Ready to Fire a Five-Game Salvo


Back in August, a 3DS collection was announced for the Medabots games, which first debuted on Game Boy and Game Boy Color from 1997 to 2001. With five games in total, two versions of Medabots Classics are coming to 3DS in Japan December 21—Kabuto and Kuwagata—and the first trailer is here to preview the upgrade.



As previously mentioned, improvements include the ability to save and load at any time, as well as a Force Robattle Skip feature that lets you avoid battles against weaker enemies. There will also be local multiplayer for battles and parts trading, and a Meda-Album that compiles the parts you gathered throughout the main stories of each game. 


In addition to the two versions, there will be a a ¥12,000 ($110) limited edition that includes both along with a 20-song soundtrack and 520-page art book.



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