McDonald’s Japan Offers “KiraKira PreCure” Happy Meal with Character Coloring Sheets

McDonald’s Japan has announced that it will start offering two new Happy Meal (called “Happy Set” in Japan) sets featuring the latest anime and tokusatsu TV series, Toei Animation’s upcoming Kirakira☆PreCure A La Mode and Toei’s ongoing Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, at its 2,900 stores across Japan from February 3.


While the Ex-Aid set comes with one of the five limited cards for the upcoming arcade card game “Data Carddass Kamen Rider Battle Ganbarizing,” the KiraKira PreCure set includes one of the five coloring sheets featuring the anime’s five main girls: Ichika Usami/Cure Whip, Himari Arisugawa/Cure Custard, Aoi Tategami/Cure Gelato, Yukari Kotozume/Cure Macaron, and Akira Kenjo/Cure Chocolat.


Main visual



“Kirakira☆PreCure A La Mode Happy Set” CM


Character coloring sheets



“Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Happy Set” CM


Limited cards for “Data Carddass Kamen Rider Battle Ganbarizing”



Source: McDonald’s Japan press release


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