Matt Wilson Brings Color to Extraordinary Worlds!

Last week we brought to your attention the vastly important and difficult job of inking with Tony Akins and Stefano Gaudiano. But what happens after the penciling and inking? You all probably whispered to yourselves after last week’s interview. Well, we’ve got news for you: it’s coloring! What better way to pull the curtain on another quintessential comic book job than to sit down with colorist Matt Wilson?!?

There is no better way, trust us!

Matt started his journey into the world of color in 2003 when he joined the firm: Zylonol Studios. Zylonol is a comics coloring studio started in 1998 that has been frequently contracted by DC Comics and Vertigo. They’ve contributed to titles such as Y: The Last Man, Superman Adventures, Hellblazer, The Losers, and many more titles!

Fun fact: Mr. Wilson actually replaced artist Nick Dragotta at Zylonol!

After a few years of honing his craft, Matt branched out on his own to start coloring all sorts of comics for Image, Marvel, and DC under his own name. Notably, he’s worked on titles such as: Wonder Woman, Swamp Thing, Young Avengers, Thor, Daredevil, The Wicked and the Divine, and one of our favorites – Paper Girls! He was first nominated for an Eisner award in 2015 and finally won in 2017 for his terrific work on six different titles last year.

Watch the interview below to hear Matt talk about his process, inspirations, the evolution of the comic book artist’s tools, and advice for aspiring artists/colorists!


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