Matsunos Protect You from the Elements with “Mr. Osomatsu” Umbrellas


If you’re a fan of Mr. Osomatsu, it probably feels like SuperGroupies has your number — and they sort of do. The geeky fashion company is back with more Matsuno goodies, shipping out just in time to protect you from summer sun and storms.


The line of six Matsuno-inspired umbrellas went on sale for a limited time today. Each design integrates its subject’s style and signature colors in the mix, creating a look that’s stylish to the average onlooker, but meaningful to fellow fans. As an added touch, each also has a symbol carved into the base of the handle.








Each umbrella also comes with a matching mini tote, just the right size for the carrying the umbrellas in when they’re folded up.


The Mr. Osomatsu umbrellas are 5,200 yen each, and will be available to pre-order until April 1. Orders will ship out around mid-August.


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