Marvel War of Heroes Declares Its Second Birthday

Marvel War of Heroes Turns Two

“Marvel War of Heroes” just turned two and they’re celebrating by rolling out a ton of awesome events aimed at getting players cool in-game items and incredible new cards. We talked with Ben Nakagawa from DeNA to get the full rundown on the anniversary excitement! First things first, how does it feel to be two years old?

Ben Nakagawa: Feels great! Not many games can say they have been going strong for this long. We’re happy that we were able to make a game that Marvel fans could relate to. We keep adding different features and events to the game so hopefully we can say the same thing in two more years’ time. Would you mind giving us a quick rundown of all the goodies coming up?

Ben Nakagawa: Sure. We just started a bunch of events to celebrate the games second year anniversary. To celebrate, were giving away a bunch of stuff within the game:

1. Allegiance Campaign
Just by logging in, users will receive different rewards everyday ranging from power packs to UR cards. Even if you’re a new user, if you join the game now you have a good chance to win a lot of free stuff.

2. The Anniversary Challenge
Users will have to complete 13 different achievements. Depending on how many achievements the user achieves, the user can receive all sorts of in game rewards including a U Rare card!

3. Anniversary Login Bonus
On top of the Login Bonus I mentioned earlier, during this Login Bonus, users will receive the Star-Lord card. This card will be distributed to users who log in on separate days within the above time period. Users can receive the same card up to four  times. By receiving it numerous times the user can fuse it with the same card eventually being able to create the Ultra Rare Star-Lord card. Can you give us some examples of the types of tasks players will need to complete to get these special rewards?

Ben Nakagawa: Tasks range from something simple such as joining an Alliance to fusing a card 100 times! Achievements are spread out so users of all levels can get something. I really like the idea of fusing the same card to get a more powerful version. What’s different about the U Rare Star-Lord card that people are going to want to get their hands on four normal Star-Lords?

Ben Nakagawa:  The U Rare Star-Lord is a lot stronger than the normal Star-Lord card. As the name indicates, it’s Ultra Rare, so not many people will be able to compete with this card. You don’t have to be a Star-Lord fan to appreciate the strength of this card, but if you are that makes your deck that much better. Anything else you want to say to fans?

Ben Nakagawa: Thank you for two great years! It’s been a pleasure to work on this game and hope to have at least two more years! We are also offering 20% off some items between October 8 and 16, so if you haven’t tried the game yet, its available on Google Play and on the iOS App Store. It’s free to download so give it a shot!

Want to get in on the fun and try out all the new “Marvel War of Heroes” anniversary activities? Download the game for your Apple or Android device and dive in!