Marvel NOW! Hear This: Mighty Captain Marvel

She’s a member of the U.S. Air Force. She’s fought alongside some of the biggest super hero groups in the Marvel Universe. She’s worked for the CIA. She’s been to the depths of outer space and back. She’s made history. But, nothing can prepare Carol Danvers for her next adventure—and celebrity status.

That’s right, come December 21 Carol strikes out on her own in MIGHTY CAPTAIN MARVEL #0, written by Margaret Stohl with art by Ramon Rosanas.

All eyes fix on Captain Marvel as she tries to get a grip on her newfound role as Marvel’s most popular super hero spinning out of Civil War II while protecting everything she’s built from the forces trying to take it—and her—down. We caught up with Stohl to find out how Carol handles herself, what to expect in the bold new take on Earth’s mightiest hero, and more! Carol Danvers has grown immensely in popularity since taking on her role as Captain Marvel. As a writer, what were a few key aspects of her history that you wanted to focus on in MIGHTY CAPTAIN MARVEL?

Margaret Stohl: I think the focus is more on transitioning Carol out of the trenches of Civil War II and into 2017, where she can really focus on the future. My editor Sana Amanat and I were careful to open up Carol’s story for an even wider audience, so that new readers can jump on with issue #0 or #1 and pick up the main points about where Carol comes from and who she is, both within the Marvel Universe and as her own woman—and hero. Aside from strength, what do you believe makes someone mighty?

Margaret Stohl: Heavy is the head that wears the crown, right? [CIVIL WAR II writer] Brian Bendis likes to bring up that Shakespeare line and it’s especially true with Carol. She’s sacrificed everything—love, friendship, even her private life, especially given her newfound celebrity status—to do what she thinks is right for the planet and that’s not an easy burden to carry. As a woman in the Air Force and at NASA, Carol has had to fight for everything she’s ever gotten, so it’s only natural that as a hero she’s all about fighting for other vulnerable populations. She’s mighty because of the strength of her heart, not her muscles. Not just her muscles! How is Carol handling that celebrity status?

Margaret Stohl: It’s actually turned out to be hilarious watching Carol try to maneuver her way through that world. She’s willing to do what she has to do for Alpha Flight and for the overall perception of the world’s heroes, but she’s really not a fan of fandoms. Unless they bake things. Chocolate chip pumpkin bread is always well received… Also working on this series is artist Ramon Rosanas. How does his artistic style bring this new era of Carol Danvers to life?

Margaret Stohl: I almost cried when I got to see “my” Carol for this first time—really, our Carol. Ramon has incredibly clean lines that work really well for Alpha Flight and space. He’s also really character driven, which is pretty much all I care about. The humor and the heart. I’m so lucky to have him on our team. When Sana Amanat first mentioned him I was ecstatic. Carol is such a strong character and strong women can so easily be pushed into the terrain of the unlikeable; she really can’t tell her story unless we get her exactly right. The Carol who kicks ass, the Carol who is emotionally vulnerable, the Carol who cracks a joke—they’re all in there somewhere, all the time, and I think Ramon really gets that. Without giving anything away, what are you most looking forward to in the new MIGHTY CAPTAIN MARVEL series?

Margaret Stohl: There are some really funny upcoming storylines tied to Carol’s newfound celebrity status, and I’m having so much fun writing them. I can’t wait to be able to talk about them! I’m also looking forward to the new characters we will be bringing in over the course of the year—especially some teen characters. I think Alpha Flight gives us a great opportunity to tell stories that relate to Carol’s Kree side as well as her human side and I’m looking forward to doing both.

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