Marvel Heroes 2015 Roll Call: Magik

Illyana Rasputin: mutant teleporter, Queen of Limbo, X-Man—it’s a wonder she ever has time to sharpen that giant sword of hers.

Well soon you’ll be able to take Magik out on the town, slicing and dicing and summoning demons. Gazillion Game Systems Designer and Character Designer Michael May dropped by to talk about all of her awesome abilities and what you can look forward to in “Marvel Heroes 2015”! Out of the hundreds of X-Gene imbued mutants out there, why did the team decide to pick up Magik for “Marvel Heroes 2015”?

Michael May: We didn’t! Our amazing community of players chose her in our first-ever fan poll to determine the final hero of our 2015 Advance Pack. The people have spoken! That being said, she might have one of the most varied power sets among the X-Men. She’s a teleporter, the wielder of mythic blade the Soulsword, and capable of summoning demons from Limbo. Oh and she’s more than a little fluent in magic. How did you guys package all that?

Michael May: Simply put, Magik has more powers than most heroes in the game, if not the most among all heroes. We couldn’t leave any of those features of her character out, so she ended up with a very high power count to represent all of her aspects. If you had to paint her with broad strokes, how would you categorize her? Is she a melee mage? A melee summoner? 

Michael May: At her core, Magik is definitively a teleporting melee hero. To supplement her melee combat, Magik brings a variety of summons, utility spells, and magical area attacks. Can you go over her different abilities trees? And what have you guys been having the most fun with?

Michael May: First, we have her Soulsword tree, which houses her melee attacks and teleportation powers. This makes up a large portion of Magik’s abilities and should be the first place to look for starting most builds. Her middle tree includes all of her Limbo summons, including the ability to teleport enemies into Limbo, capturing them, and forcing them into servitude—one of my favorite powers. Finally, her Magic tree includes all manner of utility and area-clearing sorcery spells, such as her Signature power, Otherworldly Nova. What exactly is the Command system? And how does that affect her gameplay?

Michael May: Command is a resource that allows Magik players to create a “loadout,” customizing their build. Command can be spent on Limbo minions, Limbo Bosses such as N’astirh, or can be spent to enhance Magik’s own defensive and offensive capabilities by changing the functionality of certain powers. If players enjoy Magik as she stands, Command can be instead spent on raw damage or health bonuses. There are many configurations of Command available, so players can play Magik in whatever style they feel appropriate. How do you balance someone who can bring so many other different characters into play? And because she does have all these different summoning abilities, does that mean she’s fairly squishy when she does come swinging into the fray?

Michael May: Magik’s Limbo minions each have different Command requirements, so a powerful minion like N’astirh consumes more Command than her smaller, weaker minions. This allows them to be balanced, as players will make the choice between a smaller number of average minions, or one big Boss minion. However, players who aren’t interested in minions will still find Magik to be quite durable as a melee hero. She can definitely hold her own, especially when utilizing her Eldritch Armor. What are you guys most excited to see when players get to pick Magik up? And when do we get to recruit her for ourselves?

Michael May: We’ve supported a wide array of potential playstyles with her using the Command system, so I can’t wait to see all the different build configurations players come up with. We aim to have Magik available before Thanksgiving—appropriate, since we’re so thankful to our players for voting her in!

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