Marvel Heroes 2015 Roll Call: Blade

The crew over at Gazillion has been boiling and bubbling and toiling and troubling over their Halloween cauldrons cooking up some spooky fun for “Marvel Heroes 2015.”  Game Designer Anthony Gallegos and Creative Designer Ryan Collins staggered by to clue us in on all of the upcoming awesomeness! Halloween is fast approaching so it only makes sense that Blade makes his inaugural appearance in “Marvel Heroes 2015.” What was the design philosophy behind the Daywalker? How did you guys want him to feel?

Anthony Gallegos: We wanted Blade to feel strong, proud, and confident. One of the things that always struck us about Blade is that in whatever he does he’s fearless and self-assured. We wanted to represent this with flashy animations, heavy hits, and moves that show his physical prowess. He looks like any other human, but his vampire side makes him anything but, and I think the power that’s communicated in his moves shows that off pretty nicely. Can we go over his ability trees? How is Blade bringing the pain to his foes?

Anthony Gallegos: Blade uses a host of weaponry, and we wanted to represent that. To that end we don’t lock you into using specific powers, but allow players to pick and choose, making ranged, melee, or hybrid builds. Players can swing their sword one second, throw a glaive, and then pull out a pistol and get to work. From shotguns to stake-throwers, Blade has an arsenal to deal with any situation. What are some of your favorite abilities? And do you guys have any optimal builds for particular play styles?

Anthony Gallegos: Glaive Orbit is by far my favorite of Blade’s abilities. This has Blade throwing his glaive at all targets in a large circle around them, damaging and causing them to bleed. The best part, though, is how Blade confidently stands there like a boss, waiting to catch the glaive without even looking.

As for optimal builds, I think most people will feel comfortable using Blade’s ranged powers when levelling, as they offer a lot of ways to clear tons of mobs fast. When it comes to fighting bosses and endgame content, though, I am guessing most players will turn to using melee attacks. What kind of player would feel comfortable playing Blade right off the bat?

Anthony Gallegos: I think Blade will appeal to any seasoned “Marvel Heroes” player or most anyone who’s played an action-RPG before. With his mix of melee and ranged abilities I think there’s a lot of room to really play him how you want. He can be as simple as using only a few abilities, or as complex as seasoned players will no doubt make him, using a wide array of abilities to max out their damage-per-second. And also out for Halloween is a Franken-Castle team-up! Not even death can keep the Punisher from his violent vendetta. What does he do in “Heroes”?

Ryan Collins: Franken-Castle was actually going to be a Halloween Team-Up last year, but Brood Wolverine pushed in front of the monster-creep line and took over. With Franken-Castle, he’s the anti-hero you know and love, with bombs and bullets, but with the handsome visage based on the Tony Moore design. As you may know, Franken-Castle is also a costume for Punisher and comes back to the store during this time of the year—right now! I have heard rumblings about a new Danger Room instance with tons of replay-ability. Can you talk a little about that?

Ryan Collins: Danger Room is coming soon, it won’t quite be ready for Halloween but it’s been in Test Center plenty lately. Danger Room allows players to play “scenarios” which are items you can acquire anywhere in “Marvel Heroes.” These scenarios have randomly rolled hazards, bonuses, and even bosses, allowing for an exciting and re-playable game mode that’s never quite the same. We’re very excited for it and feel that it’s a key piece of the action RPG formula we’ve needed. Anything else we should know about all the cool stuff you have coming our way in the spooky days ahead?

Ryan Collins: Have you seen the Enhanced Symbiote Wolverine costume with the new dialogue by Steve Blum? That’s one of the best costumes we’ve released in quite a long time!

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