Marvel Halloween Spooklight 2015 Day 22: Blade

Every day this month a new supernatural character or story from the Marvel Universe gets the spooky spotlight leading up to Halloween!

For the final entry in this year’s Marvel Halloween Spooklights one iconic character scored the center stage: Blade. The vampire slayer debuted in 1973’s TOMB OF DRACULA #10 as a brash young man who meets longtime Dracula foe Quincy Harker. The two come to verbal blows because Blade thinks the old man squandered too many opportunities to kill the vampire lord.

To prove that he can succeed where Harker failed for the previous six decades, Blade used SCUBA gear to board the ship Dracula stationed himself on. Aided by a group of passengers not willing to cow to the count, Blade jumps into the fray to face his prey.

Blade soon realizes what Harker knew for years: it takes more than gusto and a few stakes to take out Dracula. Were it not for the interruption of a young woman, in fact, Blade would have made a nice snack for the book’s star. Instead, Drac flies off in bat-form leaving Blade to save everyone before the vessel explodes.Marvel Halloween Spooklight 2015 Day 22: Blade

Making several appearances in the next batch of issues, Blade became the coolest monster hunter around. Outside of TOMB OF DRACULA he appeared in books like ADVENTURES INTO FEAR where he fought Morbius and also became a staple in the 1990’s Midnight Sons imprint, featuring in NIGHTSTALKERS.

One of the more famous characters in the darker corners of the Marvel Universe thanks to a trio of films and a television series plus numerous solo titles, Blade will star in a brand new ongoing series coming soon. In addition to facing off against creatures of the night, Blade will test his mettle against his newfound teenage daughter Fallon Grey who he will also teach the family business. Maybe she’ll have better luck if she ever finds herself fighting Dracula on a boat.

FRIGHT FACT: Though he appeared in a guest capacity in several other comics, Blade scored his first solo story in the black and white horror magazine VAMPIRE TALES #8. Published in 1974—and available on Marvel Unlimited—the story by Wolfman and Tony DeZuniga shows the roguish character fairing much better against a greater number of the undead in London.

We hope you enjoyed this year’s Halloween Spooklights. Happy Halloween!