Marvel Halloween Spooklight 2015 Day 18: Giant-Size Chillers

Every day this month a new supernatural character or story from the Marvel Universe gets the spooky spotlight leading up to Halloween!

In the mid-70’s, Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan’s TOMB OF DRACULA proved so popular that one ongoing series could not contain all the vampire-y goodness. In 1974, the evil count also occupied GIANT-SIZE CHILLERS #1 where his daughter Lilith debuted.

In London at the time, Drac visits Lord Henry, a government official under the master’s control in an effort to secure diplomatic immunity.

Meanwhile, a young woman named Angel O’Hara finds herself on the wrong end of her father’s rage after she and her husband reveal their secret marriage and the upcoming birth of their child. In a fit of rage, Mr. O’Hara kills the husband. The anger Angel feels stirs the spirit of Lilith who soon possesses the young woman’s body before making short work of the murderer.

Free to roam the Earth once again, Lilith decides to pay Quincy Harker a visit because he killed her 30 years prior. She seems to dispatch her prey easily. From there, we catch back up with Dracula, who pays a visit to Sheila Whittier, the woman living in the castle he wants to take for himself. Instead of tossing her out a window or having her for dinner, the Count gives her a comforting hug, calms her down and promises to return in an effort to halt whatever unseen forces continue to give her trouble.

After finally meeting up, daddy and daughter chase each other through London as bats before stopping at a soccer game to talk about their personal histories. Basically, Dracula’s father made him marry Lilth’s mother. Once the old man died, he forsook them both and moved on. Many years later, an old witch who took Lilith in cursed her to live as a vampire after Dracula killer her son. In other words, they don’t have the healthiest of relationships and leave each other without patching things up.

This gives Dracula just enough time to head back to Sheila’s place where he’s attacked by the unseen hands of…Lord Henry. The guilt of working for the fiend drove him to secretly attack Sheila and draw the Count to the place. Ultimately failing, Lord Henry ends his own life, but the mysteries of the house will continue to haunt Sheila.

Lilith occasionally runs into her dad from time to time, but also joined up with groups like the Legion of Night and Nick Fury’s Howling Commandos.

FRIGHT FACT: GIANT-SIZE CHILLERS actually lead into two different recurring titles. GIANT-SIZE DRACULA picked up its numbering from this first offering and ran for four more issues. Meanwhile, GIANT-SIZE CHILLERS re-launched with a new #1 issue in 1975, but mainly consisted of reprints.

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