‘Marvel Future Fight’ Prepares for Halloween

With Halloween just days away, the crew at Netmarble has provided a frightfully fun new update for “Marvel Future Fight”!

Three new, spooky heroes join the roster, with others receiving updated skills and costumes. Feeling left out of all the fun, event bosses Venom and Green Goblin have decorated their stage to prep it for all the trick-or-treaters looking for biometrics.

We grabbed a chance to sit down with our friend HS Park, Team Lead of Game Design at Netmarble, to get the lowdown!

Marvel.com: It feels like only yesterday that we were talking about the new Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. content! How far ahead is the team working on these new updates?

HS Park: Time sure flies! Adding new and exciting content to the game is only possible thanks to our enthusiastic fans. Netmarble and the team are working diligently to provide the most astonishing and original content, and we’ll be continuing our development even after this interview!

Marvel.com: Lash—who fans have seen wreaking havoc on “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.LD.”—along with Warwolf—appearing in HOWLING COMMANDOS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. #1 this week—and Elsa Bloodstone—fresh off her run in MARVEL ZOMBIES—make up the new heroes available this month. How did you narrow down the potential Halloween-friendly additions to these three?

HS Park: Lash is a character that we have always wanted to prepare for our fans as soon as possible. His visual design seemed like a perfect fit for the Halloween theme, and we thought the character entails a great story as well. The Halloween update just happened to be on the right timeline for his preparation. Now, Warwolf had to be in the portrait for our Halloween update. Of course, he’s not just an ordinary werewolf, but a Warwolf who’s triggered by Mars. It was a “no-brainer” plan for us. Lastly, if there are monsters, Elsa Bloodstone is there. Elsa, the monster-hunter, just had to be added. There are quite a few who are not aware of Elsa, but once you see her in “Future Fight” with her dual pistols, you’ll be blown away!    

Marvel.com: Punisher fans, me included, are going to be excited that he’s getting a lot of love in this update, with a new costume and a new six-star skill set. There are six total characters getting the six-star update; can you give us a little more detail on what those new skill sets will look like?

HS Park: New additions Lash, Warwolf, and Elsa Bloodstone will launch with six-star skill sets, while current characters Punisher, Thor, and Black Bolt will be updated with one, as well.

Punisher will have a new skill called Incendiary Rocket to vastly devastate his enemies in a wide range. With his new Noir uniform, the fans can enjoy the game with style and mind-blowing graphics.

We are aware that we were not able to fully emphasize Thor’s godly reputation or Black Bolt’s uncontainable power in our early stages of development. To compensate for that, in addition to the six-star skill set, the two characters were optimized to further display their current skills with enhanced effects and re-balancing. Thor has become more Thor-like, and Black Bolt has become the Black Bolt. Apologies for making our readers have a tough time understanding what has really changed, but playing the game right now is the best way to find out.'Marvel Future Fight' Prepares for Halloween

Marvel.com: M.O.D.O.K. is getting an interesting new costume: SPIDOC. This M.O.D.O.K.-ized version of Spider-Man first appeared eight years ago, and just recently popped up again in a Secret Wars story. What led to the decision to bring in one of the M.O.D.AVENGERS?

HS Park: We only wish that every character in “Marvel Future Fight” receives an equal amount of love and attention. We believe there are fans who love M.O.D.O.K. just the way he is now…perhaps with patience…lots of it. [Laughs] My wife does not know much about M.O.D.O.K. but she said he’s shaped like a dumpling and she wants to steam it. I do not know where and how she sees that, and I thought it better not to ask for further explanation. Watching SPIDOC swing through enemies with the spider-web may allow you to see him from a different angle and sometimes, change is good.

Marvel.com: The new event stage will be appropriately decorated for Halloween, with Venom and Green Goblin stalking around as bosses. Are there any changes to the event system coming along with it?

HS Park: In the new event stage, players can collect exclusive Halloween Tokens. There are three levels of difficulties, and challenging yourself in the hardest difficulty will reward you with more tokens! They can then be turned in to collect new characters. Once the event is over, the new characters available through the event will be re-distributed within the game. If you’re in the race to collect the new characters as fast as you can, the new event stage is the perfect mode to play.

Marvel.com: November’s just around the corner, can you give us a taste of what we’ll see coming in the update for next month?

HS Park: For the upcoming month of November, we are planning to optimize and improve on the characters for current players, especially for those who have felt like their characters’ stats are depreciating.

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