Marat Mychaels

Marat Mychaels is best known for art on such comic book titles as Deadpool Corps, X-Force: Shatterstar, Grifter, Brigade, Notti & Nyce, Army of Darkness, Demonslayer, Zen Intergalactic Ninja, Glory, Badrock/Wolverine, Spider-Man/Badrock, Supreme, Knightmare, Spawn, Threshold, Vogue, and Hawk and Dove.

Marat’s many other credits include Avengelyne, Battlestone, Blaze Brothers, Blindside, Bloodstrike, Dead Pooh, Deathmate, Judgement Day, Nash, Prophet, Team Youngblood, and Youngblood.

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Marat Mychaels will be appearing Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Booth #TBA.



scheduleMarat Mychaels’ schedule will be posted here approximately two weeks before the event.

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