Manglobe’s Total Indebtedness Increases to 544 Million Yen

On November 4, Tokyo-based anime production company Manglobe received a decision of the commencement of bankruptcy proceedings from Tokyo District Court. It is also confirmed that its total indebtedness was increased to 544.5 million yen (to 237 creditors) from the initially reported over 350 million yen. 


The company, founded in February 2002, is best known for Samurai Champloo (2003), The World God Only Knows (2010-), Hayate the Combat Butler! (2012-), and the most recent Gangsta. (2015), and its annual turnover once reached 1 billion yen at the best period. However, the company had recently faced financial difficulties mainly due to the production cost charges, then finally stopped business by September 29.  


They had been working on Genocidal Organ, one of the three films based on Project Itoh’s sci-fi novels,

and it was originally set to release in Japan on November 13, 2015. The project’s official website has

announced that repayment of the film’s advance tickets is now accepted till December 31, 2015. It means

that there is no hope for the film to be released within this year.



Source: M&A Times